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Costa Rica Dental Vacations

Costa Rica has emerged for itself as a most extreme destination for Dental Tourism

December 1, 2016

Worldwide generally, a lot of people are considering this new trend of dental vacation in Costa Rica as a reaction to high cost, inaccessible and average standard of dental care. Other individuals who have been on dental vcation in Costa Rica are acclaiming it as a phenomenal response for a ceaseless dental issue. In case […]


Immigrate to Costa Rica after US Election

November 9, 2016

Americans google ‘how do I emigrate?’ options. immigrate to Costa Rica as a strong option Panicked Americans are researching how to emigrate online after early election results pointed to a shock election victory for Donald Trump. There was an explosion in search traffic on Google for terms such as “emigrate” and “how to emigrate to Canada” […]

Immigrate to Costa Rica

Real Estate Boost in Costa Rica when New US President is Elected – Immigrate to Costa Rica

October 26, 2016

Many news channels are reporting that after this US presidential Elections it will exist the possibility of a mass exodus of American citizens abroad. Many US Citizens including celebrities are refusing the idea to live under the next presidential period, whoever is elected. If you are one of those, probably you have to know that As […]

dental implants dental tourism

Dental Tourism for Costa Rica Dental Implants

October 18, 2016

Costa Rica has turned into a sanctuary for Americans who throng to this minor Latin American nation for effective and low cost dental implants. The thriving expenses of dental treatment in U.S and Canada have made dental tourism in Costa Rica a rising pattern. Positioned as one of the main five dental tourism destination in […]

Incorporate in Costa Rica Costa Rica Companies

Costa Rica, Safest & Securest country for new businesses in Latin America

October 14, 2016

Costa Rica Incorporation Services Through this Website you will find the professional assistance you need to create new Costa Rican Corporations or acquire Shelf Companies in Costa Rica, also known as  ready made corporations or aged corporations. There are different kinds of corporations in Costa Rica, so feel free to ask for advice to our […]

List of Companies in Costa Rica