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Get your same day or immediate dental implants done in Costa Rica

September 21, 2016

This is a perfect approach to recover the radiance in your smile. This article contends why you ought to pick Costa Rica for Cheap and standard immediate implants. Costa Rica has dependably been an outstanding and moderate restorative and dental tourism goal. Same day dental implants are more profitable for you than their conventional partners. […]

fishing costa rica experts

8 Tips for choosing your Fishing boat in Costa Rica

September 9, 2016

Fishing Costa Rica Experts – If you’re a captain, experienced or novice fisherman should analyze: Fishing Costa Rica Experts – 8 Tips for choosing your Fishing boat in Costa Rica : You could spend the next ten years learning how to catch fish like a pro—or you could simply use these 10 tips on how […]

costa rica dental vacations

Think about your teeth and make the right choice

Costa Rica Dental Vacations – Think about your teeth and make the right choice. Sonría Dental Boutique is the destination for your holiday. This year has been eventful from start till date, here we are in the last quarter preparing to celebrate the end of another fantastic year, a lot of natural disasters and eventful […]

Dental Tourism Costa Rica


September 5, 2016

DENTAL TOURISM COSTA RICA A developing number of individuals worldwide are truly considering another marvel called “Dental Tourism” as a response to high cost, unavailable and mediocre standard of dental care. People who had the experience of  dental tourism Costa Rica are applauding it as a fantastic answer for a continuous issue. On the chance […]


The Costa Rica Dental Implants that makes the difference.

August 26, 2016

A person’s healthy and white teeth are not just for show and a mouth without any teeth long ago spelled almost certain death for people in those archaic cultures. Body remains from ancient civilizations clearly show early attempts at dental implants to replace lost teeth. With the advances made over the last decade in this field of […]

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