B&C Exportadores del Valle de Ujarras, S.A

  • March 5, 2014 6:46 pm
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    B&C Exportadores del Valle de Ujarras, S.A

    BycexportadoresBacked by over 20 years experience in product production, processing and exporting fresh and frozen vegetables, selected under strict quality control standards that guarantee premium products.

    Our system freezing preserves the texture, flavor and color of products from our plantation to your home.

    The efficiency in our production processes is supported under international quality controls, such as GLOBAL GAP (Good Agricultural and Manufacturing Practices) certified by the European Union and implementation of the BASC (Security Systems to prevent drug trafficking and terrorism), at all stages.

    The sum of our efforts led us to win the First Place “Best Agricultural Exporter” award in 2004 CADEXCO. We take care of every detail in every delivery to ensure our motto:

    “We export Freshness”

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