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SEO Representative is a company operating since 2006 from Costa Rica to the world.

It is well known that Costa Rica has emerged in the last ten years, to position itself as one of the most technological countries in Latin America. Many USA companies have seen this as a clear opportunity to reduce the cost of the planilla, as they can find the same quality of professionals that probably they will find in USA but with the huge difference in the price. Yes, this is why many global digital agencies have bet to move to Costa Rica, incorporate in Costa Rica and open operations at really low costs. Many other just hire “Tico” companies to work for projects.

Another option is India that it presumes on the cheep prices in Web Design, Web Development and Mobile Development, but it exist the Time Zone restriction, which becomes one of the strengths that positions Costa Rica in the Top of this kind of services.

We will like to share this option, as we have been using it for years and now we have come to a friendly relationship that make us prefer them from the many other SEO Firms in the landscape.

The company’s name is SEO Representative, they have a clear approach, as they focus entirely to the design, development and implementation of Search Engine Optimization SEO strategies that create the foundation of the web presence of them customers.

In the words of his leader Patricio Espinoza: “We are specialists in transforming an ordinary web page in your best seller”.

SEO Representative offer quality, affordable SEO solutions to help Costa Rica Companies and USA Companies increase their online presence and website visibility; thereby obtaining significant web traffic and therefore seeks income.

With a team of talented SEO Representatives and SEO analysts they can create digital marketing strategies tailored for each website in order to get the highest ranking in search engines. To do this, they mutually pledge their experience by combining the elements: “On-Page” and “Off-Page”, among other SEO Search Engine Optimization activities to achieve amazing results.

They presume that their SEO Representatives are kept constantly informed of the latest trends in technology in terms of emerging changes in search engine ranking algorithm in order to create digital marketing strategies that can keep the “rankings” of customers unaltered.

Success has consistently proven effective in promoting the websites of customers, leading them to the top pages of search engines.

SEO Representative believes in high quality results delivered with high quality service.

Really. if you are ready to transform your website into your best salesperson, Give a change to this guys.

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December 9, 2016


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